Below is a screenshot of the latest round of rejected products from our store. Facebook continues to do its best to silence small businesses with those they disagree with. 


It's a sad day in this country when an American small business cannot advertise their products, even to the people who have chosen to follow us because they love our products and what we stand for. Even sadder is that we have to resort to asking you to click a blurry picture to get you to this page. 

Let's face it, ALL of the big advertising platforms are controlled by the left. Granted, it is their sandbox we are playing in and they make their own rules, which we support. We do not support one set of rules for brands that agree with their ideology and a different set for those who do not. 

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It's very obvious we do not sell guns on our site. We sell apparel for gun enthusiasts and blue-collar workers. We have seen plenty of evidence that tells us they are doing their best to keep brands like us from cost-effectively reaching our customers. This keeps people, like you, from seeing products that they disagree with. It also keeps people, like you, from making a statement or trying to spread your ideology via a message on a t-shirt.  

So, we are doing our best to navigate within their rules and at the same time continue to make a statement we agree with. We refuse to change our opinion to sell gear simply because these tech giants disagree with us. These platforms should be the perfect place for all to have a voice and disagree. However, they choose to continue to try to price us out and keep you quiet. 

Grab a shirt or two today that best shows off your passion or humor (sarcasm offends them easily too). Help us continue to sell products we believe in and keep a small hardworking business flowing as we all wait for November to make our feelings known!